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Why Hire a Qualified Personal Trainer?

Compared to a fly-by-night personal trainer, Allen Maddox is the BEST personal trainer! As you may or may not know, anyone can become a personal trainer in a matter of a couple hours by obtaining some personal training certifications online. Neither personal training certifications nor personal trainers are regulated by the state or municipalities, making it possible for anyone and their brother to become a personal trainer.

Fortunately for you, Allen Maddox has a degree and tons of certifications and his education and knowledge will get you the best results FAST. In exercise, fitness, and nutrition, there are so many ways to train, workout, and eat that will get you good to great results. Great personal trainers know the most efficient and effective way to get you, the client, the best results as quickly and safely as possible. This is why you want the best and Allen Maddox is the  top personal trainer, fitness instructor, exercise coach, and life mentor.

It's important to take the time to search for a qualified personal trainer, because any bozo can get a certification. A personal training certification doesn't guarantee that someone in good shape is a knowledgeable personal trainer.

Benefits of working with Allen Maddox, include top-notch service, better results, permanent achievement of your weight loss (fat loss) goals, quicker results, and a pain- and injury-free method. Hire the World BEST personal trainer, Allen Maddox.


Get to Work with Allen Maddox!

Your first step is an assessment with  Allen  This will include a medical history intake; physical measurements of body fat, weight, muscle strength, stability, muscle imbalances, posture, flexibility; a stress test; a detailed description of your food cravings, water intake, food consumption, and current activity level; and a thorough evaluation of your goals.

A proper assessment is essential to the personal training process. Any personal trainer who doesn't offer an assessment is someone you want to run from, not hire! Without having a good idea about how you function with weight and your body weight, there is no way a personal trainer can design a specific program catered to your needs as a client. You want the best results, right?

An assessment is one of the most important tools used in designing your fitness and nutrition program. A typical training session is an hour long, but this will depend on the program you purchase and your goals. A session begins with you warming up on the treadmill, bike, stair-stepper, etc. After you are warmed up, Allen will show you corrective stretches to help improve any muscle imbalances you may have, allowing your muscles to function properly during the training session.

After stretching out your tight muscles, it is time to get you the results you want! Your training will depend on which activities will get your body the best results, so for the next 30 to 40 minutes, the Allen will incorporate weight training, free weights, Swiss balls, cables, yoga movements, Pilates, boxing, and many other training modalities that will get you the fastest results, guaranteed!

After finishing postural and core work, Allen will give you a full-body stretch to improve your muscle flexibility and help reduce your soreness. FYI: You should never feel extremely sore the day of or the day following your training session. Overworking to the point of extreme soreness only delays your results, but a little tightness here and there is OK and to be expected.

Then, Allen will do some trigger-point, soft-tissue, and massage work to finish the session. The workouts are never dull, but rather always upbeat and fun. He want you to enjoy exercise as much as possible, so you should always leave feeling better and more energized. 


New To Aerobics Training?


Without a doubt, aerobics are particularly helpful for weight control. Research consistently shows that regular physical activity, combined with healthy eating habits, is the most efficient and healthful way to control your weight.

Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain it, you should understand the important role of physical activity and include it in your lifestyle.

Physical activity helps to control your weight by using excess calories that otherwise would be stored as fat. The number of calories you eat and use each day regulates your body weight. Everything you eat contains calories, and everything you do uses calories, including sleeping, breathing, and digesting food. Any physical activity in addition to what you normally do will use extra calories.

Following a regular aerobics program gives you a sense of commitment and control - two positive mental attitudes that help counteract stress. Aerobics

also relax tense muscles, thereby relieving your body's stress response.

Medical research has shown that regular aerobic activity increases the body's production of endorphins.


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Personal Training & Aerobics, Allen offer trainingr at your home, office, gym or outdoors., Hattiesburg, MS, 39402
Allen offer trainingr at your home, office, gym or outdoors.
Hattiesburg MS 39402

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